Pokemons landed on Minecraft thanks to Phoenix Project

Pokemons landed on Minecraft thanks to Phoenix  Project

The “user generated content” virtual worlds are online platforms like Second Life, Imvu or Minecraft that allow to develop users’ creativity in many ways and to share the results like few others social media enable.

Sharing your content

With Second Life and Imvu many users have specialised in making (and selling) accessories for avatar and buildings setting up whole sims, with Minecraft advanced users developed amazing locations (here you can find 10 fantastic buildings in Minecraft) and mods able to enhance the game (these is our top 20 Minecraft mods).

Minecraft Pokemon
Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst in Minecraft

Notably,  the Phoenix Projects team (this is their site) after two and a half years working realized and made available a single-player custom map for Minecraft 1.8.8, Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst, within which an adventure has been settled similar to the gameplay of the lucky Nintendo franchisee, with the difference to be in a 3D virtual worlds, Minecraft, freely open.

A region filled with 136 Pokemons

Phoenix Projects’ team realized a very impressive undertaking, not even resorting to mod to succceed in their own goal. Downloading Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst you’ll get a fully new region, 136 curbstones Pokemons and an original adventure to play. But first watch the video to find all information needed to understand how to work it.

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