Virtual games: Experiment 7 bets on customizable chess

Virtual games: Experiment 7 bets on customizable chess

Among the first titles appeared on the market, beside basic Pong (1972) and Breakout (1976), table games like chess and, later, Dungeons & Dragons were among the driving forces to growth of the video game sector at the beginning of eighties.

Since then the development of chess engines was huge and now some like Crafty, Stockfish, Fruit and Gnu Chess, downloadable for free, are able to easily face even great chess champions.

Magic Table ChessSuccessful chess and table games

Among the chess video games whicn in these decades struck players’ immagination there was Battle Chess, launched in 1988 by Interplay Entertainment for different platforms. The distinctive nature of Battle Chess was due to the fact that chess pieces were animated and fought one against the other during the game for carrying on the moves decided by the player.

Now a similar mechanism will be developed in virtual reality by Experiment 7, a new VR studios which, having learned from the Magic Table Chess experience, virtual reality chess that you can play with Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift, is getting ready to develop further titles for Magic Table series by using famous franchisee’s characters as their own virtual table games’ pieces.

Dungeon Chess Gold DragonExperiment 7 sviluppa la serie Magic Table

As Geoffrey Zatkin, Experiment 7 co-founder and creative director announced, thanks to a partnership with Wizards of the Coast (founded in 1974, as Tactical Studies Rules, by Gary Gygax, publisher of the famous board game Dungeons&Dragons, since 1998 owned by Hasbro) will be developed and launched later in the year Dungeon Chess, so to “bring fantasy and wonder to the classic strategy game of chess, while taking great care to stay true to D&D lore, implement robust chess gameplay, and provide a high-quality user experience”.

Differently from Magic Table Chess, in which the player faces AI pponents, Dungeon Chess player will face al real-world friends, other VR users from around the world, or custom AI opponents and can will be able to opt for multiplayer game and not just single player. Each game will be played in stunning and customizable rooms, with different avatars and so on.

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