Virtual reality, real flop?

Virtual reality, real flop?

Let’s be frank: virtual reality disapponted in 2016, sellig less than estimates. The proof of this comes from Valve, company that is betting on virtual reality growth but whose co-founder and president, Gabe Newell, recently revealed that only 30 virtual reality apps were able in 2016 to sell over 250 thousand dollars.

Gabe Newell is optimistic on virtual reality

Gabe Newell - SteamNevertheless Newell is still positive about virtual reality outlook, since there are already over a thousand VR game titles on Stream online platform.

To be true, some of the first indie titles, like Owlchemy Labs‘ “Job Simulator (2016)”, are selling very well (since April 2016, when it was launched, the game had sales for over 3 million dollars).

The secret: develop users communities

Job Simulator 2016The success of “Jobs Simulator (2016)” sounds like due to Owlchemy Labs’ decision to create video content shared on Youtube with already over 250 million views, wihch have made the game the most popular among those that support the main virtual reality headsets (developed for Htc Vive the game has then seen Sony Playstation VR and Oculus Rift releases).

Novelty is not enough to sell

This is a bad news for those developers who bet just on virtual reality “novelty” effect to secure the commercial success of their own titles, since Steam certainly is the most popular platform for pc virtual reality games (with Htc Vive headset) but even for Oculus Rift or Osvr games.

What do you think about?

So, what do you think: are you positive like Newell about virtual reality outlook in the next future or do you begin to think it can be a flop? Please, leave a comment and if you like share this article, you will help us to cover always better the items you prefer!

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