When will virtual reality be a popular technology?

When will virtual reality be a popular technology?

Some days ago Mark ZuckerbergFacebook founder and owner, visited Oculus Rift (producer of the homonymous VR viewers, bought in March 2014 by Facebook itself for 2 billion dollars) trying and showing in picture the prototype of gloves that will allow to interact with “virtual” objects visualized through the VR viewer.

Mark Zuckerger tries virtual reality glovesThe day before, by the way, a news was buzzed aboutr 200 of 500 demonstrative corners prepared at Best Buy malls to per provide the public to try the VR viewer that will be closed, a sign that the interest for the virtual reality is still very low and it doesn’t depend only on the high cost of the first devices launched on the market.

When will virtual reality be popular?

So, the question is: when will virtual reality be a popular technology? The fact that Mark Zuckerberg still believes in virtual reality is witnessed by the appointment of Hugo Barra (previously Google manager, later at Xiaomi) as e development manager of all Facebook activity in the field of virtual reality, starting with Oculus Riff, for which development which will allow at first to connect with less expensive PCs and then to use VR viewers without needing to connect to a PC are announced.

Zuckerberg: we’re a little behind

Zuckerberg himself, btw, answered to investor asking him at what point virtual reality is: “we’re a little behind from where we want to be” and that virtual reality sales “won’t be profitable for quite awhile”.

Hugo Barra Mark ZuckerbergNonetheless Facebook does not change its mind and is getting ready to invest 3 billion dollars or more to develope virtual reality in the next decade.

The relevance of the right blend of factors

So perhaps the answer to the question “when will virtual reality be a popular technology?” could be: when technology will be enough user friendly, not too expensive and with content justifying interest by the public.

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