Sword Art Online to play in virtual reality

Sword Art Online to play in virtual reality

Like a magic of mirrors reflected each one in the other, for about a year we are talking about a virtual reality game based on Sword Art Online series that, as Mondivirtuali.it vi already told you tell the story of a boy and a girl, Kirito and Asuna, who find themselves living a series of mishaps in a virtual world like VR-MMORPG (Virtual Reality-Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).

Sword Art Online strikes again

Sword art online the movieThe allure of Sword Art Online for virtual reality and role-playing games fans is undeniable, but unfortunately despite repeated announcements at present there is no such a video game under development and it is not sure that it will ever be.

What exist at the moment are a marketing demo (as explained Roadtovr.com) and a single virtual reality experience which btw can be enjoyed only by Korean and Japanese fans.

Sword Art Online: The Beginning

About Sword Art Online: The Beginning, is a 20 minutes long VR movie developed as a marketing demo both for the cognitive system IBM Watson both for the movie Sword Art Online: The Movie – Ordinal Scale! sheduled do be release February 18, 2017 in Japan and March 9 (subtitled) in about 1,000 selected theatres all over the world (in Italy it will be released June 13 and 14).

This movie, developed by 1->10 an independent creative studios which had previously realized VR marketing movies, for instance for Pepsi, is a prequel of Sword Art Online, whose stories refer to a futuristic VR-MMORPG in beta (which is the same phase in which Second Life is still, formally, 13 years after its opening).

In the narrative fiction of the movie a Japanese researcher (dr Akihiko Kayaba), meet a collegue who’s working in Ibm and thanks to IBM Watson developes the alpha release of the VR-MMOPG on which is based Sword Art Online story.

Sword Art Online for Fove 0

Sword art online Fove 0Regarding the new VR experience based on Sword Art Online of which we are talking about in these days for VR viewer with eye-tracking system Fove 0, it concerns the use of the Asuna character in an introductory video that is useful for the Fove 0 users to learn how to use the eye-tracking system.

In short, if we will get our eyes on Asuna the character will smile at us, while if we will avert our eyes it will start to show sign of impatience and it will also end with becoming angry if we will ignore it for a long time.

Here too, although there is surely interaction, there is no game mechanism inside this experience therefore no, untill now there is no project in development for a VR videogame re-creating VR-MMORPG described in the Sword Art Online series.

What do you think?

What do you think, would it be interesting to see developed a VR video game able to resume the content of Sword Art Online or would we take the risk to end like the protagonists of the series? Please leave if you want a comment of yours and share this article, you will help us follow always better the items that interest you!

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