The italian way to virtual reality

The italian way to virtual reality

Does it exist an “Italian way” to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) development? The question was asked in an interview through Skype arrenged by Sergey and Mikhail Doudy, the blogger bros behind VR Otaku, think thank specialized in market researches on VR/AR that you can follow on Twitter.

AR/VR in Italy has two main problems

SeedUp teamBased on my personal experience like financial analyst and seed investor through SeedUp, I can say that yes, it exists and is peculiar in respect to the way virtual reality and augmented reality industry is developing in other countries like for instance the United States of America.

In Italy we have a couple of problems that slow the growth of VR/AR industry: the infrastructural gap and the cultural gap. The infrastructural gap is tied to the need to have di data communications networks with ultra broad band/high performances to be able to market  VR/AR services on a large scale.

In Italy untill 2014 broad band networks covered just 1,4% population, versus 6,3% in France or 7,9% in Spain. By 2020 coverage in Italy should growth to 85% population (partly 30 Mbps, partly 100 Mpbs).

Infrastructural and cultural gap to fill

virtual reality like Matrix?Only then (unless investments are not further postponed) it will be possible to see if the virtual reality and augmented reality will be mass market successful.

For that to happen it will be necessary, however, to fill even the evident cultural divide: how many in Italy (and in the world) really know virtual reality and its possible uses and benefits?

And how many, instead, still attribute a negative meaning at the word “virtual” and fear that technology in general entails risks and disadvantages (alienation, escape from the reality, job losses etc) which can outweight the potential benefits?

Once filled the infrastructural and cultural divide Italy has, by the way, very interesting assets that could allow to get worldwide successes in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Just think to our artistic and cultural heritage, to the possibility of making tourist promotion, to enrich cultural experience, to allow the fruition and at the same time the maintenance of the historical and archeological sites available in Italy.

Virtual reality: leveraging on formidable assets

virtual reality - SpinvectorOtherwise, think about how fashion sector could make research and promotion, about how Italian architects and engineers could plan from interior design to large structures without having to move a single brick.

In short Italy thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality could leverage on assets that the whole world envies us but frequently are not sufficiently valorized, to to preserve, study, promote and to make them being used better, creating wealth and employment opportunities for thousand of young (and older) workers.

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