VR Kanojo, a spicy game in virtual reality

VR Kanojo, a spicy game in virtual reality

The fact that adult content may constitute an interesting niche for the growing of virtual reality industry, especially in its early phase, is sure. Even on Mondivirtuali.it we told you many times.

Yet for a few months on the Internet we are talking with insistence of a specific title which seems to have the right credentials to break out. Because it is half-way between a role game in VR and the spicey version of Summer Lesson.

A virtual girlfriend by Illusion

VR Kanojo

We are talking of VR Kanojo (litterally Girlfriend VR), developed by Illusion, Japanese studios already known for having developed, over 10 years ago, the erotic 3D video game RapeLay.

In it, litterally, a male character deployed by the player rape a woman and her two daughters. Not exactly a nice business card, but there it is.

With VR Kanojo, available in Japan since february 28, 2017, the player can, in virtual reality (the game is playable on pc with Oculus Rift and Htc Vive VR headsets, as well as on PlayStation 4 with Playstation VR), tutor a girl, Sakura Yuhi,

Sakura prove to be very mischievous, despite her innocent look, so you can “groping” her without too much difficulties.

VR Kanojo, a hot trailer

If you like, take a look at this demo in order to realize your own of quality of animation and of VR Kanajo atmosphere. The movie doesn’t have too much “hot” scenes, but probably is better if you don’t look it at your office.

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