10 sectors selfies will transform

10 sectors selfies will transform

selfie second lifeSelfies are getting an upgrade, transforming from frivolous trend to a technological phenomenon able to transform our habits in many different sectors.

This is what emerges from “Future of Selfies” report, created by futurologist Dr Ian Pearson based on a survey conducted by Sony in in conjunction with Futurizon on 6,500 consumers in the UK, France, Germany and Spain.

Selfies will transform our lives?

selfie paymentThe study found that consumers are open to use theri smartphone cameras for a “vast number of potential applications”, from medical use to financial services, from home to entertainment or to shopping.

The project has given us a real sense of how selfies and video calls have evolved, and why they could be set to transform so many different sectors”, commented Michio Marihashi, Sony Mobile markteting strategy.

10 sectors selfies will change

Do you want to know what will be the 10 ways that selfies and video calls will change the most? Here is the top 10 as depicted by the study “Future of Selfies” mentioned above.

  1. Medical: over a quarter of people would prefer to see their GP via a selfies or video calls, in the first instance
  2. Banking: about half of 25-34 year olds people would feel more secure if accessing their bank through a “selfie password
  3. Leisure: around half of thrill-seekers would like to try a “selfiecoaster“, i.e. a rollercoaster that puts you in control of capturing your experience on the ride
  4. Fitness: selfies that work with Artificial Intelligence to capture body monitoring, for exemple testing heart rates or even suggesting how to improve your techniques
  5. Clothes: taking a 3D body image for made-to-measure clothes
  6. Retail: using your smartphone camera to try on different outfits suited to your body shape
  7. Social payment: paying for entry to the cinema or a tourist attraction through a selfie.
  8. Robotics: Using your smartphone to control drones or robots to take selfies from other or even “estreme” locations
  9. Home: Using selfies to secure and access our homes and cars
  10. Dating: Taking a selfie with your date to find out what they really think
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