Ces 2017, VR Touch officially launched

Ces 2017, VR Touch officially launched

If at Ces 2017 a bit of tired was noticed about virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) sector, one of the few really interesting news has been launched by an Italian startup, Go Touch VR, founded by four haptic experts: Eric Vezzoli, Thomas Sednaoui, Vincenzo Giamundo and Zlatko Vidrih.

VR  Touch improves user’s immersion

Go Touch VR TeamGo Touch VR officially launched last 5 January, during Ces 2017, its futuristic VR Touch wearable device.

Powered by a patent-pending technology, the device will enable the users to learn, design, manipulate and interact in VR sphere just akin to real life and vice versa.

We are committed to add on the touch sense in VR space to improve user immersion“, stated Eric Vezzoli who together with his three partners, in the past, has been working long on a project involving haptic feedback on touch screens.

Just the absence of the needed “touch” feel in the existent VR scene prompted the four startuppers to project a device able to extend “360 degree solution for advanced high performance haptic integration in VR/AR systems”.

The illusion to touch virtual objects

In short VR Touch is a a wearable ring that will successfully create the illusion of touching virtual objects. “Our device will ensure real contact under your fingers -pointed out Vezzoli – matching up with the very virtual contact as would be felt by you in the virtual reality”.

Basically, when we try to touch an object, the brain expects a sensation of touch: “This very science is the backbone of our haptic design and it led us to bring in the anticipated sensation with our VR Touch to complete your VR experience. Our haptic ring follows a scalable concept involving 1-10 fingers”.

Feelings was never so realistic in VR

VR Touch devicesGiven the natural interaction with VR Touch, users will benefit from shorter learning time for the hand interactions as well as greater control over hand interaction and better dexterity with object manipulation.

What distinguishes Go Touch VR’s wearable from competitors is that there are already gloves to interact with virtual reality, but none of these devices is able to offer the needed real touch sensation since they use just vibration as a feedback.

VR headsets and graphic engines compatibility

VR Touch is fully wireless and is fully compatible with Intel Real Sense, Leap Motion and all the VR headsets, also supporting all major graphic engines like Unreal Engine, Unity and CryEngine. VR Touch will assure embedded tracking, embedded gesture recognition so that you can enjoy precise contact while interacting with virtual objects in a way that was not possible earlier.

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