Happy 2017 to everybody

Happy 2017 to everybody

Carmilla Halasy 2017Once in the year let us say: thanks to all of you for the support that you keep on giving to  Mondivirtuali.it project and happy 2017!

Mondivirtuali.it numbers

For statistics’s lovers, you know that we begin the new year with over one thousand “likes” on our Facebook fanpage, through which you can not only to be informed of the last novelties on the site, but also engage with our staff by proposing topics, commenting on and highlighting demands.

Happy 2017 to our virtual artists

Chanell Resident 2017 For the fans of virtual worlds graphic art, our Flickr group has far exceeded 800 members with about 60,000 images among wich the ones used related to happy 2017 greetings that accompany this article.

On Pinterest our profile and its board are followed by over 600 lovers of pictures of any kind, many of whom propose us their ideas for sharing, a thing we’d love to do.

We chat also on Twitter

Whether you want to talk to us about digital graphic, videogames, virtual reality or augmented reality, geek technologies or other topics related to personal creativity, remember that you can always talk to us even on Twitter (our account has now over 2 thousand followers, but we always give an answer to everyone), as well as you can follow and talk with us throgh Scoop.it.

Many different communities of interest

Aurls SL 2017You may wonder what’s the point in having all these presence on diffferent social media? Be aware that we are looking to heal each of them specifically, growing their respective communities of interest.

This frequently means even to broaden and to differentiate the number of topics, referrals and submitted content compared to the articles produced by Mondivirtuali.it alone, therefore for every one his own social media and again have a good 2017 all!

And of course, enojy our gallery of a happy new year’s virtual greetings, that you can find below!

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