Super Mario Run, another short-term blast for Nintendo

Super Mario Run, another short-term blast for Nintendo

2016 has been definitely a challenging year for Nintendo, who found out at its own expence  how apps market is a higly competitive market with no regard for “big names” if they can’t propose the right content for the right price.

Super Mario Run slowing down its run

App AnnieAs was the case with Pokemon Go, also the success of Super Mario Run seems likely to fade away quickly, since despite the game, distributed from December 15 in iOS devices release, immediatly became the most downloaded and most profitable app, already from December 24 and 25 was not the most grossed app in every country according to the number of App Annie.

Nintendo’s difficulties

Looking only to free downloads (that however let you play just the first three levels, after you should pay 10 dollars) Super Mario Run, with over 50 million downloads, was still ahed in 68 countries in the world, a number once again far away from the peak of 138 countries in the worldd touched last December 17.

This is the second time in a few month that Nintendo shows to have difficulties in setting properly a price and to make attractive enough some of its “historic” titles tailored for mobile (and in the case of Pokemon Go of augmented reality).

What would have been the fair price?

Super Mario RunIt’s a market where usually games are totally free but players are then incentivised to spend for purchasing tools to be used in the game in order to be able to overcome more quickly the different obstacles.

A pattern that seems to be working better than that of Nintendo, given that so far only between 1% and 2% of those who have downloaded Super Mario Run decided then to pay.

A lower price would have helped only partially, according to App Annie’s estimates, by which if it cost not 10 but 2 dollars, about 10% of users would have switched to the Super Mario Run full version and this would generated possibly 50 million dollars revenues, instead of 30 million that the game is foresee to collect.

We need new characters and games

We should then wonder if it’s not the case, for Nintendo, to bet on new characters and game mechanisms specifically designed for mobile (or augmented reality/virtual reality). The efforts made so far by the group seems still very shy and do not allow to give an answer, but I doubt that by continuing on these path Nintendo will ever be able to encore its historic successes in consoles and personal computers mode.

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