New Jessie is waiting you

New Jessie is waiting you

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We revealed you some tips about how discover the coolest localions in Second Life also through social media and online communities. The best way remains however having a good network of relationships with fans of virtual reality / virtual worlds who can offer you so many cool ideas.

Torley’s useful suggestions

This is exactly what happened to me thanks to Torley Wong (aka Torley Linden), a former techno musician and current designer for Linden Labs, author of 400 tutorials and independent videos on Youtube, who on Flickr recently posted some images taken in a new sci-fi themed sim, New Jessie.

New Jessie, sci-fi athmosphere

Curious, I went to see it and I suggest to you to do the same: colors, atmosphere and details are fantastic and won’t miss to impress all the fans of digital graphics, since it could constitute a fine setting for fashionists and virtual photographers. To go to New Jessie you just have to push the teleport button below, have a nice trip!

Teleport button

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