Destination guide in Second Life

Destination guide in Second Life

The most frequently asked question in Second Life (ok: the third most frequently asked, besides “wanna have sex with me” and “how can I earn real money in Second Life”), especially by users with a minimum of “seniority” as regards the use of Linden Lab‘s virtual world, is certainly: “do you know any cool place to visit?”.

How can you find cool locations in Second Life

To be true in Second Life there are a lot of places worthwhile a visit, even if periodically some ot these disappear, as recently happened to Insilico and Mount St. Michel.

To pick your way, there are at least a couple of good ideas, besides following periodically the tips that you can find on

Insilico destination guide second life

The first way is the most simple: through the site or, once logged in Second Life, use the web search engine, go into the “Destinations guide” and you will find a selection of the coolest virtual locations divided into categories.

Good ideas on Facebook, Flickr and Koinup

If you don’t trust the judgment of Linden Lab, there are also many groups on Flickr devoted to the gathering of images from the most intriguing locations of Second Life.

One of the most recent for instance is SL Tourist Board which requires to those who add a new image to add always the Slurl (i.e. the location coordinates, so you could reach it easily), another one is SL Places to be.

Mount St Michel destination guide second life

Even on Koinup you can find similar groups, like Second Life Explorers or like Evocative Landescapes where btw not always images are linked to location’s Slurl (but at that point you can looking for with Second Life’s viewer inner search engine).

In Facebook, last but not least, there is the community Photograph location directory of SL where you will find a lot of good ideas. Now you no longer have excuses not to explore thousands of virtual locations still existing in Linden Lab’s virtual world, so what are you waiting for?

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