VR Halloween Ride, download and enjoy!

VR Halloween Ride, download and enjoy!

Are you bored of always doing “trick or treat” in your neighborhood? Don’t Second Life and its Hallowen settings excite you anymore? Or you are just curious to try a virtual reality experience fit for elders and kids, on the pretext of Halloween and its pumpkins? If you said yes at least once, VR Halloween Ride it’s perferct for you.

VR Box 2.0, the headset of our test

VR Box 2.0This free app, developed by Super Monkey Fun (Smf) Studios (take a look here) with over 10K downloads on Google Play, was designed for headsets like Google Cardboard and similar: we tried it with an entry level headset, the Shenzhen Source Industrial‘s VR Box 2.0.

This headsets is by the way good for smartphones ranging from 4.7 to 6 inches, i.e. for most of Apple iPhone, Samsung, LG, Htc and Huawei models, with the possibility to set the focal distance (which is useful for the one who suffered from myopia) and the distance among the lenses, easily purchasable also in hobby shops (in addition to the online) for around 20 euros.

VR Halloween Ride, free app suits for the whole family

VR Halloween RideVR Halloween Ride, which is PEG12, will take you on a pleasant tour in a very particular tunnel, where animated Halloween pumpkins are ready to give you a trick, more than a treat.

Overall a funny way to celebrate Halloween with family, but be careful, since surprises are lurking… even if you are not moving from your favorite chair!

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