Remoria VR: Lignum Controller features

Remoria VR: Lignum Controller features

You have time until 30 September 2016 to try to be a beta tester receiving free of charge a Lignum Controller, Bluetooth Low Energy device designed by Italian startup Remoria VR specifically for those who wanna try virtual reality on a iOS or Android smartphone, as well as with Cordova (but the device is compatible even with Windows, Mac OS and Linux desktop operative systems).

Remoria VR, startup for mobile virtual reality

Remoria VR Lignum Controller alphaRemoria VR is a startup being accelerated by Luiss Enlabs founded this year by Marco De Falco and Matteo Pisani to develop innovative devices for mobile virtual reality.

The first exemple of these devices is Lignum, a wireless controller that, thanks to inner sensors (gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer) allows you to integrate controls previously unavailable for virtual reality through smartphone.

Particularly the devise integrates the orientation tracking and the motion gesture, creating a low latency immersive input system (at the moment latency is 10 ms, but final version should halve these times).

The intent of Remoria VR is to develop a compatibility for Apache Cordova/Phonegap platforms, but also for Unreal and further virtual reality platforms. In short, Lignum could turn a precious device for all those developers interesting in creating virtual reality experiences close to those implemented by devices such as Oculus Rift and Htc Vive but at a more affordable cost.

How to become a Lignum Controller alpha tester

Remoria VR Lignum alfa prototype with headsetTo request the Lignum Controller to test you need to fill in this form then wait to be contacted by Remoria VR, or you could request directly through Remoria VR site of being part of the alpha testers group.

As to the technical specifications, Lignum Controller, currently compatible with graphic engine Unity3D but soon with UnrealEngine 4 also, is equipped with classic analog joystick analogico and three buttons (besides the on/off button), has a three axes tracking system based on an accelerometer, uses a 8 MHz Atmel SoC processor, has an accuracy in the order of millimeter and is equipped with a battery 3.7V Li-Po 240Mah with a range of about 15 hours of operation.

Hoping that Lignum Controller is just the first of a long series of mobile devices for virtual reality successfully developed by Remoria VR, we just have to remember that if you wanna keep updated, keep following, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on, on and also on Youtube). Share this article, you will help us to follow always better topics that you are interested in!

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