Eve Valkyrie, when the going gets tough, the tough keep going in VR

Eve Valkyrie, when the going gets tough, the tough keep going in VR

oculus rift eve valkyrieIf you came to this page searching on Google for keywoes like Eve Valkyrie, Eve Valkyrie Htc Vive, Eve Valkyrie Playstation VR, Eve Valkyrie Oculus Rift or similar, then you are at right place.

We already talked about Eve Online when the videogame developed by Crowd Control Productions (CCP) Games,  celebrated 12 year of online activity but we think we should now talk about its latest release, released for virtual reality viewer like Oculus Rift and Htc Vive.

Eve Valkyrie is a release of the famous virtual universe developed particularly for the VR viewer Oculus Rift (but by the end of 2016 it will be available even the HTC Vive version) full of fights to the death, characterised bny wonderful visual effects, wich allows multiplayer online competitive actions or to opt for single player mode, with an upgrade of your character’s skills and spaseships’ features you can use on the basis of the progress you’re going to get in carrying out the game.

Eve Valkyrie is breathtaking

eve valkyrieA really powerful video game, adrenaline and breathtaking, wich will show you how much virtual reality can change and enrich current video games and virtual worlds we’re used to.

From the beginning you’ll be immersed in your spaceship’s control room to be thrown in spectacula space arena. You’ll turn your helmet and look up the vastness of space around you 360 degree and probably you’ll stay dismayed and wowed, at least at the beginning.

The recommended control system is the gamepad or, alternatively, the Saitek X52 hotas, it will take you a while to understand how all works, much more to perfectly carry out missions. If you choose to fight as single player, you’ll have to do exploration missions wandering aroun the wonderful space maps you’ll be able to try the fight against bots that will come in waves, but your character won’t get any experience nor progression.

Game’s features

eve valkyrie featuresIn PvP (player versus player) mode at the beginning you’ll have just a spaceship, without any upgrade, che which may end up destroyed by more senior players than you. There are three different class of spaceship: Fighter, Heavy and Support.

After each game you’ll get experience both on your avatar’s proflle, both in the spaceship class you play, according to your final scores. In every battle respawn is allowed adn you may shift from different spaceship classes and choose up to a maximum of five models to customize between the 24 unlockable (but it will take a long time in order to do that).

In each of the six maps there are three mode (Team Deathmatch, Control and Carrier), to buy new spaceships an upgrade them you’ll need to spend money and raw materials, you may obtain the first as a reward increasing your experience and for some “in-game” events, you will be able the get the second from the wreckage of enemies shot down, or discovering in exploration missions.

The first five experience levels allow the player to use just a spaceship (a model Wraith Fighter), only in Team Deathmatch mode if you wanna play online, beyound you will release the other two base spaceships and two further game modes.

Emotions start from fifth level

eve valkyrie screenshotFrom here will really start your spaceship pilot “carrier”, since you’ll be able to choose spaceship class Fighter (medium speed and  resistance, but good firepower), Support (modest armour and attack potential, but high speed and shields quick to recharge) or Heavy (larger spaceships, very slow, with very strong body and shields and a very high firepower), depending on the circumstance. All without having any visual restrictions, rather feeling totally immersed (and lost) in deep space.

All in all a very well-built and balanced game, good contents, with additional coming in the future, which, however, specifically addressing to those who have purchased an Oculus Rift or a HTC Vive risks being played by a very small user base, at least initially, which for a game essentially enjoyable in PvP mode is a not insignificant handicap which, however, we hope can be overcome within one or two years with the appearance on the market of new VR viewer models at lower prices able to attract a mass diffusion.

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