Imvu avatars for your customized emojis

Imvu avatars for your customized emojis

One of the problem when you use internet to communicate over distance is figuring out how to communicate your feelings to the other person: to solve this problem years ago was created the emojis, which under the growing success of programs like Facebook Messanger or Snapchat are increasing number and getting even more catchy.

2016, the year of emojis

Bitmoji emojisThat 2016 could be emojis’ year has been recognized in March, when Snapchat bought for over 100 million dollars Bitmoji, an app launched in October 2014 which allows mobile devices users to create avatars and include them on the keyboard of their smartphones, and then use them in chatting with other people instead of standard emojis.

A decision following the introduction, on Facebook (which in 2013 tried usuccessfully to buy Snapchat for 3 billion dollars), of the Reactions, i.le. the emojis with which for month social network’s users can express different feelings than just their “likes”.

Imvu launches WithMoji

IMVU WithMoji emojisAnche il settore dei mondi virtuali e delle chat 3D non è rimasto indifferente al crescente successo delle emoji personalizzate tanto che Imvu lo scorso 15 agosto ha lanciato WithMoji, una app disponibile su un nuovo sticker store per smartphone iOS e Android che consente agli utenti di utilizzare emoticons animate, anche di gruppo, basate su avatar Imvu, personalizzandole in base al proprio avatar.

So far Imvu released 100 WithMojis, some free some pay, but it seems to be willing to give users the opportunity to insert new customized WithMojis on its own sticker store.

Kimoji emojisIt would be no novelty, by the way, since some months ago Imvu itself developed along with popular American actress and model Kim Kardashian West the new release of the Kimoji, exploiting the proprietary Server Side Rendering technology wich underpins Imvu avatars.

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