Pokemon Go, summer pointless discussions

Pokemon Go, summer pointless discussions

Summer guided by a boom first, the discussions about Pokemon Go. The game that has re-launched, in mobile mode and also in virtual reality (option, by the way, onerous in terms of battery consumption if not of data) the famous characterss of Nintendo, has been untill now downloaded over 100 million times, but has sparked off controversy.

Pokestops disrespectful?

Pokemon Go jewish park in AlessandriaMany have raised the objection that it would have made little sense put “pokestops” and “gyms” near museums, churches and other historical sites.

A lot regret that is disrespectul for these locations to see a bunch of kids head down on their smartphone looking for Pokemons where  would have to be mantained a respectful attitude.

Every opinion is legitimate, but it seems to me that those who made this statement forget a couple of things: that kids all over the world and all throughout history tend to be more livelier than adult, regardless of the location where they are and that many of the locations where are placed (via Gps, thanks to the partnership with Google) pokestops and gyms would otherwise unknown to the most.

A game to discover the world

Well, I’m not talking about museums and historical churches which attract millions of visitors every year, but of small statues, of memories plates, of murales from wich Pokemon Go places bonuses, virtual tools to growth your characters or gyms near which get into battles.

For exemple, I found out a small park in Alessandria (Piedmont, Italy) dedicated to the memory of Jewish people deported on the sites of the former Nazi camps, but even small or great exemples of street art and new monuments which adorn gardens, homes, schools or parishes of my hometown, made in recent years which I’d never seen.

Pokemon Go between parking lots and fields

Pokemon Go Spongebob ALIn Pokemon Go many characters can be found just in parking lots, or near fields, at football stadiums rather than universities, on the beach or in the lobby of railway stations, not to talk of roundabouts, often adorned with small or great monuments and because of that full of Pokemons and pokestops.

The basic idea is to bring the player to explore the world around him/her, then if a few adults would care to explain him/her what he/she is looking at, to whom is dedicated the location where he/she is, in addition to the game (virtual or not) the kid will have learned something more about real world.

Sure, the adult must be able to give useful informations, to bring him/her, that he doesn’t bore him/her. A commitment of time and energy that all too often adulta are no longer prepared to have towards the kids: it’s more easy criticise Pokemon Go than to find the way to “look upon” together parents and children, isn’t it?

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