No Man’s Skyes divides fans

No Man’s Skyes divides fans

Awaited for years, No Man’s Skyes is finally on sale both in PlayStation 4 edition (adviced price of 71.99 euros, but on Amazon you can find for 64.8 euros) both in Pc edition (at 59.9 euros) from last 12 August, about one year after we talked on about the ambitious project of Hello Games.

No Man’s Skyes divides critics

No Man's Skyes WalkersAfter years of waiting the first reactions of fans were discordant to say the least: some love it, other hate it, with fierce criticism particularly for the Pc edition, that many fans judge “an hasty porting” of the PlayStation 4 edition, strongly supp orted by Sony that for many fans folded to the logic of profit typical of a videogames major what should have been an indie project, just to increase its profit margins, at the expense of the quality of work of Hello Games team, for instance in the inventory management.

Above all despite the vastness of its procedural nature, No Man’s Skyes seems to suffer of its fundamental nature of “not a game”, suffering what should be its strength, the possibility to make avirtually infinite journey through a virtual universe equally without boundaries. Once passed the “wow effectdue to graphics, very nice indeed, many players pointed out that No Man’s Sky is, at the bottom, a “cold” game, without great emotions.

Untill now there is no No Man’s Skyes effect

No Man's Skyes MonolithInfinites planets seem at the end very similar, infinites alien races have basic habits poorly differentiated at last, to learn the many different “alien languagesbrings no real advantage in the development of the game, crafting, at least for now, is very limited, as well as trade, since market fluctuations of the value of various goods are actually managed by the Cpu and not by the interaction of the players.

In short, No Man’s Skyes has finally come, certainly it has many strengths, it is probably one of those titles that will become an evergreene and it will be probably able to create a successful franchise, yet it is not what after many years of waiting patiently a lot of players expect to be able to prove. For now it is not able to generate aNo Man’s Skyes effect” like the “Halo effect”, as long as Hello Games won’t decide to  run for cover withnew patches and developments.

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