Cica Ghost catches aliens and Ufos

Cica Ghost catches aliens and Ufos

Cica Ghost Them Everybody talks about virtual reality, but what kind of contents could be realized besides video games, to make this technology even more interesting? For instance 3D graphic art installations, as have already been seen in recent years in Second Life.

Among the most interesting artists seen in these latest years it is pointed out Cica Ghost, whom I’ve already talked about to you by introducing her lovely Little Town. Now Cica Ghost returns surprising Second Life users and graphic art fans with a new project, “Them”, clearly inspired by Ufos. Indeed it’s about a giant Grey Aliens meeting, waiting to be carried on board of their own flying saucer.

Cica Ghost and Grey Aliens

It makes an impression sneaking around the somewhere island, in the pixels’ ocean of Second Life, where tens of giant Grey Aliens have gathered waiting to be back home, but careful scanning any casual visitors rattling around. I strongly encourage you to visit this beautiful installation, just clicking on the teleport button that you can find below.

Teleport button

Then if you are curious and wanna know immediatly what it is, you can simply take a look at this video of Guadalupe Vasquez below and get an idea. Have a nice view and as always spread this articol on your social, if you like it!

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