Pokemon Go, 5 things not everyone knows

Pokemon Go, 5 things not everyone knows

Pokemon Go allenatorePeople is going crazy for Pokemon Go, to confirm augmented reality (AR) potential, especially when you apply it to a mass market like that of video games.

Be careful: augmented reality and not virtual reality since with the Pokemon Go, of which Mondivirtuali.it had already spoken about, you don’t need to wear headset and gloves, but just to download on your smartphone an app and start playing with surroundings.

Somebody in Italy have even managed to start to earn with the game: Loris Pagano, 27 years old guy who lives in Ravenna’s province, through a service launched by ProntoPro.it, started to receive requests from other players to find for a fee rare characters. His tariff is 15 euros per hour.

How to startu with Pikachu

There are not just Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle as Pokemon starters to start with: when Professor Willow will ask you to choos your Pokemon starter, you just don’t select anyone and start moving around.

The three Pokemon starters will disappear only to reappear after 10 minutes. Continue to ignore them for 40 minutes, the fourth time they will reapper in front of you there will be another one, Pikachu.

Where are the 151 Pokemons?

pokemon go mapThere are 17 Pokemon types for a total of 151 characters, but since they are environment-related, dependent on day or night and on player’s skill level, you can’t capture all the Pokemons in a single nation or continent.

In some countries like China or Egypt the game can’t be downloaded, btw there are already some clones that shall allow fans to hut their favourite characters.

In some cases Pokestop were considered to be “inappropriate” and hunting Pokemons has been banned (like in the Holocaust Museum in Washington or in the Arlington Cemetery, in Virginia).

Record downloading for Pokemon Go

After the Usa launch, July 6, and Italy launch, July 15, it’s already time for the earliest assesment. At present Pokemon Go has been downloaded over 150 million times, a new record which beat that of Candy Crash Saga.

2016 has been btw a record year for mobile games: besides Pokemon Go entered the all-time top 5 even Slither.io (fifth) and Clash Royale (fourth).

Battery and data consumption

pokemon go batteryPokemon Go it’s quite demanding for your smartphone’s battery. According to some tests carried out, it seems that 10 no-stop game playing minutes consume about 10% battery.

If you don’t have a power bank, after about one hour and a half of game playing your smartphone will have quite completely exhausted its battery. Especially if you want to catch the characters in AR mode.

On the other hand Nintendo’s game is relatively “light” in terms of data consumption: if you connect throught 4G wifi network, you will consume about 100 KB every minute, i.e. about 6 MB per hour. If you had downloaded videos from Youtube in the same time you had been consuming about 20-25 times more.

How to capture a lot of Pokemons

For some reasons parking lots near PokeStop are especially crowded with characters that you can catch. To increase the likelihood to catch characters wait untill they are inside the circle ring before throwing your Poke Ball against the Pokemon.

Remember that when a Pokemon appears it is visible to all those who are nearby and have the app on, therefore you can have some group hunts, to increase probabilities to find all the characters’ hiding places close to you.

We will have other opportunities for talking of Pokemon Go and other VR and AR games.

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