Ice Age V: Bisio, Insegno and Ryan at Ischia’s premiere

Ice Age V: Bisio, Insegno and Ryan at Ischia’s premiere

Have you ever been to a public theatre premiere? It happened to me, with my Davide, yesterday evening, on the occasion of the Italian premiere of the digital animated film Ice Age V – Collision Course, latest episode of the lucky 20th Century Fox franchisee settled three years after the events of the fourth episode.

Ischia premiere Ice Age VAn Italian early look of the movie was shown at Ischia in the contest of the events linked to the Ischia Film & Music Global Fest and involved almast all the cast of voice-oiver actors among which British singer Lee Ryan and Italian actors Pino Insegno and Claudio Bisio, in the theatre.

A presence tapping into the enthusiast hundreds viewers young and older present (part of whom were not able to see the movie because of security reasons, been exhausted seats).

I don’t want to reveal you too many spoilers of Ice Age V: just know that Sid (starred Bisio) will search and maybe will find a new girlfriend, Diego (starred Insegno) as always will give a hand and maybe will persuade Shira (who has meanwhile “married”) to have puppies and that Peaches is soon to be married with a young mammoth, Julian.

Before all this (and of the possible Ice Age VI) there is however to save Earth from a giant meteorite gigante, which is heading every 100 million years to cause mass extinctions. A hypothesis wich neither Manny nor new-found Buck arent’ going to let that happen, unless Scrat, got thrown into space to follow its eternal acorn, will pull one of its stunts.

Ischia premiere Ice Age VMovie will be released July 22 in Usa and August 25 in Italian thetres and I suggest you to go to see if you love animated movies well-designed and with plots full of gags and twists and turns.

Well, hardly you will seat behind Claudio Bisio, Lee Ryan and Pino Insegno, but this is just one of the things that drive fans crazy, but maybe leave more “senior” viewers indifferent. Maybe.

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