Tesla on the road for Open BioMedical Initiative

Tesla on the road for Open BioMedical Initiative

A journey 10 thousand kilometres long, zero emissions and zero costs: it is the mission of the Italian team made by Adriano Ruchini, Andrea Ruchini, Federico Lagni, Giancarlo Orsini and Marco Nardin driving a Tesla Model S electric car zero emissions. Take a look at this video (in Italian language) to discover more:

Started July 8 from Piazza San Pietro, in Roma, July 12 the team onboard of a Tesla Model S (accompanied by a safety car) arrived at Cape North, after 5 thousand kilometres in 80 hours, through 6 nations, following the network of Tesla Supercharger to recharge every 3-4 hours car’s batteries.

But the mission was just half way, so the team after a brief standstill leaved right after to arrive in Venice by July 16, to coincide with the Festa del Redentore (Redeemer’s Day).

A double journey for a dual purpose

Mission indeed seeks to spread sustainable and electric mobility, but even raise money for Open BioMedical Initiative, an initiative that is intended to develop cooperative biomedical technologies, thanks to the web and the 3D printing, to bring help to anyone, everywhere in the whole world. Testla open biomedical initiative projects

Open BioMedical Initiative already developed its first three practical projects: prosthetics Wil and Fable and the Nicu incubator Bob, to save the life of premature babies in the emerging countries.

Its commitment goes even further and it needs even your assistance, with a donation or just word of mouth. That’s why was launched even a crowdfunding campaign on Eppela (you can follow here) which will allow to get to know and to make a donation to Open BioMedical Initiative.

Not just Tesla on Mondivirtuali

Electric cars, collaborative biomedical technologies, 3D printings: wherever there are geek technologies that today can seem virtual, but tomorrow will be means of our everyday life, Mondivirtuali.it always will be happy to lend a hand and contribute to the word of mouth.

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