SpinVector, from video games to virtual reality

SpinVector, from video games to virtual reality

Does it exist a virtual reality and augmented reality market in Italy? The answer is yes, and some companies are already developing ad hoc technologies and contents for this technological area, whose spread according to some insiders as well as Goldman Sachs or DigiCapital analysts of which Mondivirtuali.it already talked will be like that of personal computers in the Eightys, or that of smartphones in the first decade of this century.

SpinVector: from Dronez to virtual reality

SpinVector Benevento Roman TheatherBut which are the companies that actually produce such contents and in which areas do they work? A very interesting exemple is that of SpinVector, Benevento startup run by Giovanni Caturano, backed by Atlante Ventures Mezzogiorno fund, created as video games developer (their Dronez was one the benchmark Open GL most published in the world for years) which has combined with creation of smartphone and tablet games and “life size games” even immersive multimedia installations and virtual reality / augmented reality solutions supply for years now, moving above all in the B2B area, unlike the main international players which have chosen to concentrate on the consumer market.

So were developed, since 2011, applications such as the 360 degree virtual reconstruction of the latest days of Pompei, integral part of the Ercolano Mav (Museo archeologico virtuale) exhibition, but also, more recently, another 360 degree, interactive and stereoscopic reproduction, in partnership with Urban|Eco and other partners, of Benevento Roman theather, that it will enables viewers, thanks to the use of a virtual binoculars created by SpinVector, of displaying in situ both the digital reproduction of what once was the building (not just during the Roman period, but even over the centuries, allowing a real time travel), both informations in AR mode throught the viewer directly “above” the current ruins.

Not just virtual archaeological sites

SpinVector Dsc tweakIf the tourism sectorand in particular archaeological sites seems to be one of the most promising area, SpinVector started somet time ago to create even training contents in many areas, from healthcare (with a virtual tac) to the motor-car sector (with the reproduction of the main race traks that the drivers of a well-known European sport brand are facing during the season).

Other “hot” sectors are that of defence, of yachting and of food, thanks to a maniacal attention to details so to be able to fully simulate the user experience which would emerge if facing real products or services.

SpinVector holodeckYou know, virtual reality and augmented reality are already a fast growing sector for Italian flagships like SpinVector, that benefit from two-fold benefit to be “naturally” international (since of the gaming sector, the company came from, by its very nature is a worldwide market) and to be able, however, to deal with the rich contents that Italy can offer in every areas of “made in Italy”, from fashion to manufactoring, from art to food and wine.

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