Virtual Second Night issue number 50

Virtual Second Night issue number 50

Consistently, without much ado, Edmose Group achieved another important mileston: the June issue of Virtual Second Night, distributed both inside the busiest virtual reality platform to date, Second Life, both on the web through Issu, at this link, is the number 50, an issue significantly summer-style and for those who like the sea, as you can discover flipping through it.

50 happy returns of Virtual Second Night

virtual second night magazine coverTaking care of this issue the guest editor Carmy Sonata, with Nimoe Constantine as art director and responsable for the cover, a wide virtual newsroom made up of Mafalda Diesel, Zly Resident, Violetta Inglewood, Mystery Hifeng and the Edmose Group’s “patron” himself, Edwardi Mosely.

As alwas the pictures are well gloomed, with the magazine which is not proposing a monograph issue, but ranges even this time, as usual, from fashion to art, from the most intriguing Second Life’s locations to the most interesting events’ calendar scheduled in the coming weeks on the Linden Lab platform.

A virtual women’s magazine

Without loosing any more time, I suggest you to thumb through this Issue of Virtual Second Night in the same way you would thumb a women’s magazine: to relax, out of curiosity, to find out so many details that you still don’t know about a virtual world that in recent weeks celebrated its 13 years of online activity, as even Mondivirtuali told you, devoting a huge gallery to SL13B fair.

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