Travel light, without losing data and contacts of our smartphone

Travel light, without losing data and contacts of our smartphone

Do you want not to lose even a contact on your smartphone anymore and to always know who is calling you, even without having memorized the phone number but only your friends’ email? Today you can do it, creating an email on Gmail and using and Android smartphone. How to do it explain to us Mauro Lattuada, Greengeek‘s fonder and past chairman, who we thank for this guide.

Syncronize smartphone and Gmail

Smartphone synchronization of GmailOnce created your Gmail, to set up your smartphone you should select your Gmail credentials and your smartpone will begin to syncronize data which you  update through the web with those that you manage through your phone.

Every time that you add a new contact, add it to your Gmail also, so that your contacts they are always online, and you won’t use the memory of your data Sim, Sim that  can go lost, break and it’s not reliable over time. At this point you must import every contact you got around and insert them in the index of your Gmail, deleting gradually data from old smartphone or from email clients.

Most affordable links

A useful link so to be able to to export data and contacts from your phone. This other link, will explain you how to correctly import all your contacts in Gmail: how to import contacts in Gmail

Contacts and data of your smartphone are safe

Mauro Lattuada smartphone gmailKeep in mind that if you have, for instance, my email (or those of my site) between your contacts, Gmail will also syncronize automatically my smartphone number and my photos: even if you have not directly saved my phone number, when I will call you will appear my photo and my name, this way you will know who is calling you before answering.

The same happens if in your Google profile you decide to maintain some data visible, as the business smartphone so to easily be available from who looks for you, or the telephone number of your company, that it will also change automatically for your contacts when you will change it. Even changing telephone you won’t have to worry to make you backup anymore or to care the data in the new smartphone: you just have to login in Gmail and the new smartphone will unload all the information of your index book, while you will forget of the problem.

Apps to syncronize Google Drive

At this point maybe you you arent to even lose you even a Whatsapp chat ar a SMS of your old phone. Nothing could be easier, just use an App that syncronize them with your Google Drive and you will always have them accessible, whitout the risk of losing anyghint. You can find the best Apps to do it here: SMS Backup & Restore. Last thing: Whatsapp it’s by now an integrated service in the Apps, it is enough that you activate the option of backup on your Google Drive and that’s it!

Mauro Lattuada

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