The Town of Light will be playeble also in VR

The Town of Light will be playeble also in VR

the town of light interiorsIt is not easy for an Italian indie videogame gain a foothold in the market, still less developing a release playable with the Oculus Rift 3D  viewers.

It has succeeded there The Town of Light, a horror survival videogame launched February 26, 2016 wich it’s inspired to real stories happened inside one of the greatest psychiatric hospitals in Europe, the Volterra asylum, used as set for The Town of Light by Lka, independent studios of 3D animation and modeling lead by founder and owner Luca Dalcò, already lecturer at the Architectur faculty of Florence University.

Renèe, the main character The Town of Light

In The Town of Light the player controls Renèe, a schizophrenic girl 16 years old hospitalized  in the Volterra asylum before the Second World War, usy trying to put again together her personality with reoccurring flashbacks, that will drive the player up to two possible endings, because of the choices made.  If you are curious to know better the history, here is a short trailer:

Considered by some a real artwork, The Town of Light is promoted both on Steam both on The Humble Store from 9th to 16th May with a 25% discount at 14,24 dollars instead of 18,89 dollars (regular price), while if you have already purchased the videogame the update for the VR mode it’s free. Already winner of many awards, The Town of Light it promises to be even more charming and immersive thanks to the VR.

Simple but of artistic quality video game

the town of light renèe diaryFor the “pure strong” players who are not interested to the graphic-artistic aspects, we must stay that The Town of Light is a simple game, with mechanics of game that might seem unfunny and with a duration of only a few hours.

But if you get to go over the “pure” game, you will realize to be inside a real interactive film, of a story to interpret in first person. The type of contents, in short, of which virtual reality needs to make taking on the mass and ‘m happy that for once you deal with an Italian project.

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