Giovanna Casotto reinterpreted in Second Life

Giovanna Casotto reinterpreted in Second Life

Second Life and eros: relationship is not obvious but it exists for a long time, being Linden Lab‘s virtual world attended by an over 30s audience over trentenne often passionate about photography or graphics who likes to experiment without limits also sexy themes.

Daxim Fall prepares a journey in the eros of Giovanna Casotto

Giovanna Casotto in SLDaxim Fall now wants to propose in an exhibition entitled “Journey in the Eros” the transposition of some Giovanna Casotto (famous Italian author of erotic comic strips and water-colors) artworks. Waiting for to see how the Second Life creative will interpret her artworks, we asked to Giovanna Casotto to tell us something about her and her artworks. Very coy and a little attracted by the virtual reality, Giovanna has accepted to answer us the same.

A well rounded artist

Lukemary Slade: I have read that you have always loved to draw: was it a common talent in your family, did you have friends and relatives that encouraged you even as a child, or has it been a personal passion of yours been born from a young age?

Giovanna Casotto: I draw since I was a child. Dad was draftsman and taught in a Milan institute, technical sketch, however. I have begun to draw to have a point in contact with him, to like him. Unfortunately, however, I have never been able to show him the things that I have published. He wouldn’t have understood them, he would have suffered.

L.S.: Why the human figure, particularly that female, and not landscapes or animals or fable’s characters…?

G.C.: Because the female body fascinated me to aesthetical level. There is not a reason, I have always drawn what I liked to look.

L.S.: How one becomes a professional draftsman in Italy: are the schools useful, are there “shops” where to learn the work, does it count the fortune or the relationships?

G.C.: There is not a prescription to become draftsmen. The term “professional” scares me, I have always drawn, then I have attended the School of the Comics in Milan. Later I have proposed mine “tryouts” to many publishers and from there everything has started.

Casotto was fastinated by the work of Franco Saudelli

L.S.: How you have found the strength to propose your works to the publishers, you seem to be a very shy person…

Giovanna Casotto in SL sketch G.C.: It is not matter to find the strength, the things automatically happen, sometimes. Some forwardness has certainly been necessary, at the School of Comics, while the other ones drew action, superheroes, I started on the first day to draw the eros,  but I was fascinated by the works of Franco Saudelli, therefore I had the goal to draw as him or at least the things he drew.

L.S.: I admire your sketches from over 20 years, but I remember the polemics about them: have them given you more bother or have strengthened you in your passion for the sketch?

G.C.: The polemics hurt me the beginnings, then I have learned to live with it. But after all I frequent a few people and I read little things that have pertinence with the world of the comics. Therefore little comes to me.

L.S.: Is eroticism still a taboo in contemporary Italy?

G.C.: not, on the contrary there is too mention. Also the fetish has been cleared, just take a tour on the web and you can read of fetishism of bondage… I would say that nothing is anymore a novelty, rather ther risk of boredom is easy. The only weapon is the good taste.

Being a female author of erotic comics arouses a lot of curiosity

L.S.: The fact that to produce erotic content (in your case drawings) is a woman, is it an advantage, a disadvantage or entirely indifferent regarding the quality of the final product?

G.C.: I cannot deny that the fact that I was woman has aroused a lot of curiosity at the beginning, even if for a lot of time the readers thought that my name was a nickname of a male draftsman. At the end, however, it must be a minimum of substance, because novelty effect ends soon. There are now a lot of women that draw eroticism and very well also.

L.S.: They believed you were a disguised Saudelli, your artistic point of artistic?

G.C.: Yes, that’s it more or less. In trade fairs, however, I have always shown that behind the pencil there was a woman. Sure, Saudelli is the world’s number one, incomparable. I would be satisfied I just got a little approached to him in the judgment of the readers.

L.S.: The Giovanna Casotto’s “not wanting” to expose and to compromise, where does it come from?

G.C.: It derives a little break from all. I don’t like to appear, to be interviewed, to go to the fairs. Ideally, my dreawings speak for me.

L.S.: A last curiosity: do you think that your artworks have been appreciated and beloved more from men or from women?

G.C.: I don’t know. I guess equally matched, arousing different emotions, perhaps.

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