Superheroes of Adrian Tranquilli in Naples among classical myths

Superheroes of Adrian Tranquilli in Naples among classical myths

How to approach ancient and modern art and to recall public of every age, creating a virtual path that connects the heroes of the ancient myth to the superheroes of the contemporary fantastic world?

Naples succeeds in doing it with the exhibition “Days of Future Past” (the fans of the comics will have understood the reference to the homonym saga of the X-Men), anthological exhibition devoted to the works of Adrian Tranquilli edited by Eugenio Viola, from on April 2 to June 6, 2016 at the Archaeological Museum of Naples (MAN).

Adrian Tranquilli artworks at MAN

superheroes all is violent all is brightWe of went some days ago and took the opportunity of the visit to take some photos that an you see in this article, enjoying to “discover the outsiders”, the modern supererois, between the statues and to the busts of the heroes of the antiquity, from Hercules to Atlas, from the emperor Hadrian to Claudius.

Welcomed at the front door by the reproduction of the St Peter’s Basilica made by 50 thousand Jocker cards, we have found Batman, Superman, Spider Man, Yoda, Anonymus and others in the gardens and in the rooms of the wonderful Neapolitan museum.

Tranquilli’s artworks (Italian artist born in Melbourne but living in Rome) like “Futuro imperfetto”, “Age of Chance”, “All Is Violent, All Is Bright”, “In Excelsis”, “The End of the Beginning” succeed in conversing with the architecture of the Archaeological Museum of Naples and the statuary classical made of bronzes, white and multi-coloured marbles, but also with the mosaics and ancient frescos exposed in its rooms without being crush of it, even if at times the comparison appears arduous.

Relationship of heroes and superheroes with the power

superheroes in excelsis bisSuperheroes portraied by Adrian Tranquilli don’t display the strength that the portraits of the classical heroes show with boldness, more than mighty and powerful they often seem tired, suffering or defeated; they are a metaphor of the relationship among the individuals and the “strong powers” (whether religious, political or economic) attempting to destroy them and in this sense they are in contrast to the classical heroes or to the principles and emperors, which represented instead the incarnation of these powers.

Adrian Tranquilli seems to have interpreted the theme of the superheroes as the narrative archetype of a culture, the western, that loves from millennia tell itself using individualistic and redundant tones, but often stays fragile in front of the challenges of the existence and to the struggle for the conquest of one some form of power.

A theme that of the heroes and superheroes and of their relationship with the power, explored by Adrian Tranquilli with his rich and already appreciated (also commercially) production, on which also the digital and virtual worlds artists should be questioned perhaps more often than they don’t already do.

Photogallery: modern superheroes and classical myths

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