The Simpsons discovered virtual reality in 1992

The Simpsons discovered virtual reality in 1992

The Simpsons VR HomerThe Simpsons have long been one of the more famous animated sitcoms in the world. Created in 1987 by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company animated shorts of a minute to broadcast in The Tracey Ullman Show, from 1989 they haave been mainstreamed in prime time, in the half an hour formula continued to the present day (in the Usa airing XXVII season and XXVIII season is already scheduled).

Over the years The Simpsons, which in 2007 seen a feature-length film released worlwide, have had a depth cultural impact and the quotations of other characters and television series, not only cartoons, are wasted .

The Simpsons and virtual reality: the first meeting

The Simpsons VR BartIs thought provocking the fact that virtual reality has made its appearance inside the series since the fourth television season, episode 12 (1992) “Marge vs. the Monorail ”.

Since then pretty regular virtual reality devices just kept appearing in The Simpsons, adjourning hand in hand with the appearing of some first true prototypes of virtual reality devices.

Particularly such devices have appeared in episode 19 of season six (1994), “Lisa’s Wedding”, in episode 9 of season eight (1996), “The Mysterious Voyage of Homer”, in episode 12 of the next season (1997), “Bart Carny” and in episode 17 of season eleven (1999), “Bart to the Future”.

A decade of forgetfulness, then the return

Simpson VR LisaThen, while on the media began to be successful virtual worlds as Second Life, The Simpsons “forgotten” virtual reality for over a decade, return to in in episodes 5 and 9 of season twentythree (2011), “The Food Wife” and “Holidays of Future Passed”, in episode 18 of season twentyfive (2013), “Days of Future Future”. In all eight episodes of The Simpsons (beside a video game, pubblished in 1994, entitled “Virtual Bart”) have shown virtual reality devices .

Who knows if in this or in the next season there is still space for some quotation? To be true in the Usa already mentions an episode in which  should appear a Simpsonian version of the Oculus Rift (that the authors test run already).

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