Photo editors: the top 10 free online

Photo editors: the top 10 free online

Both that you love to elaborate the images of the avatars and the virtual environments Second Life, World of Warcraft o The Sims, both that you prefer real images, if you want to get amazing results with your photos and digital images sooner or later you must resort to photo ediors. Besides the famous Adobe Photoshop there’s lots of those, for payment or free of charge. So this is our selection of the ten best free photo editors that you can find online.

Best 5 free photo editors, the best fo Windows

photo editors initially had to be only an alternatives for the classical Microsoft Paint, but over the years as added further characteristics as multiple levels management and advanced tools of image editing. Among free photo editors is the easiest for Windows, ideal for fast retouches as to take care of your photographic album day by day.

Apple Photos, the best for Apple

Photos is the new app, packaged with OS X, which replaced Aperture and iPhotos. It’s fast, full of image editing tools and easy to use, it has several filters Instagram style and it offers the possibility to share your images with iCloud, transfer with AirDrop or publish directly on Facebook and Twitter.

Gimp, the best opensource

photo editors gimpGimp it has been being for 20 years the best among the opensource photo editors, thought for being used on computer that uses  GNU/Linux, OS X and Windows operative systems. it has numerous tools photo editing that nothing have to envy to their for payment equivalent. And since you can modify the native code of the program and to redistribute it, endless versions can be created customerizzate of the program, suited for the demands of whoever.

Aviary Photo Editor, the best mobile

Aviary, available both for Android and for iOS, it’s probably the best among the mobile photo editors. With just a “touch and resize”, it offers Instagram style filters as well as other interesting tools to modify directly from your smartphone or tablet pictures you had just been taken.

Autodesk Pixlr, the best for browsers

photo editors pixlrPixlr is a kind of free jack of all trades of photo editors, with a lot of tools set for almost any project you can have. Available both in online edition both for mobile devices or for being used on your pc, it has the backing of Autodesk and it also foresees the possibility of further expansions behind the payment of a subscription (1,99 dollars for one month, 14,99 dollars for one year).

Other 5 free photo editors you can’t lose

Picasa is the photo editor of Google+, you can use it both through app both web (even with mobile devices). It has photo editing tools as well as a short selectio of filters. Prewiew, which Apple put in OS X, it doesn’t limit to give you the possibility to see a preview of your images but it also allows you to modify the images themselves. Microsoft Paint is perhaps the first among all the photo editors which whoever has learned to know; in the years has been modified and is still good for those who basic necessity of photo editing. Ribbet is an online free photo editor very easy to use and very complete, it’s ideal for those learing the ropes. Fotor it is one of the best free photo editors for the one who seeks a good selection of tools and a great user-friendliness. Moreover, is virtually available for any platform through app or web.

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