Samsung Pay can also be used in VR

Samsung Pay can also be used in VR

Samsung PaySamsung  had an excellent idea to launch the Samsung Pay app since it simplifies the process of payment and it makes it surer, avoiding that you need to expose every time your detailed date. In my job like financial analyst I have, among the other things, to examine business plans proposed by aspirant entrepreneurs that have started a startup. One of the requirements which I check, before seeing costs and predictable proceeds, it’s if the proposed idea responds or not to of the necessities of its potential users in more efficient way than the actual solutions and Samsung Pay seems to succeed, so much that in few more than one year from the launch (in South Korea, United States and Japan) the active users are already over 5 million.

Samsung Pay in VR changes shopping online

Even more interesting, Samsung tries to extend the use of Samsung Pay through its viewer for virtual reality Samsung Gear VR. I imagine the picture: a potential buyer has seen some items in an e-commerce site, but it is not convinced. He/she doesn’t know whether the t-shirt is the right size, whether the furniture will be right in the living room, if the select place for its vacations is really what he/she would want. Second Life 2016Then he/she wears Samsung Gear VR and “dives” in the shop online in virtual reality, can take a look of the t-shirt worn by his/her avatar, can make an idea of as the piece of furniture coop in the living room, can visit the hotel and see what excursions can be organized from there. He/she decides to purchase using the app Samsung Pay: his/her experience of shopping online is changed, has become wealthy and improved, in simple and inexpensive way. Tht’s it: this is an example of as the virtual reality applied to environments that to me remember a lot Second Life and first generation virtual worlds that could change our habits of purchase in a few years.

Startups, accelerate your ideas

SeedUp locandina dall'idea all'impresa If this idea had been proposed by a startup I would immediately have tried to accelerate it, involving investors and experts to overcome the inevitable initial difficulties. By the way: if also you have some ideas of business that you want to develop, SeedUp Spa, the accelerator of ideas, just launched the contest “Dall’idea all’impresa” (from idea to business) that foresees a prize of 30 thousand € for the winner. You have time to join up to April 30, go to see how to do on SeedUp site. If someone wanted to try let me know,my advice for all is by the way to keep following, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on e su and also on Youtube). And to accelerate your business ideas, of course!

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