Virtual reality for adults, here are the suits

Virtual reality for adults, here are the suits

The fact that the adult contents together with the video games for boys are one of the first sectors from which virtual reality and augmented reality devices producers hope can come a mass market demand has for long been recognized, as even American performer Ela Darling stated. But the fact that close to Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift  we could have suits for virtual reality destined to those people whom will want “value” such contents in the most complete sense of the term was not so obvious, at least shortly.

Virtual reality, from Tenga the first suit

virtual reality - tenga suitCertainly, when you think about the growth of the wearable devices it was only matter of time before someone proposed this, but who know that already a Japanese producer, Tenga, proposed a virtual reality suit to coupled with a game for adults, “Sexy Beach”, and that it, for sale at 400 Us dollars, was so successfully to go immediately exhausted? Yet it sounds like it, although for now it is not known the degree of pleasure from the buyers of this new and rather particular virtual reality device.

Virtual reality even on Pornhub

virtual reality - BaDoinkVRBy the way, as pointed out even the prestigious magazine Fortune, also Pornhub, according to the 65th site most visited site on the Internet with its 60 million daily visitors, by now has embraced the virtual reality, so much to have been predisposed a special free channel developed through a partnership with BaDoinkVR to be able to offer free 360-degree trailers. Trailers link to encouraging Pornhub users to subscribe to BaDoinkVR and then watch every unedited video in its growing library of 360-degree videos for adults.

From Google to Samsung, the game is on

virtual reality - Google CardboardEven if officially any manufacturing of viewers 3D for virtual reality will ever admit it, everybody is watching at these first commercial experiments, prepared to exploit the traction. After all the same Pornhub (which has celebrated the event distributing 10 thousand Google Cardboards, exhausted in few minutes) has immediately specified that the new contents can be visualized both with Google Cardboard, both with Samsung Gear VR or with Oculus Rift and that versions for other devices will be made available in the future. The cake, you know, could be rich and in so many are ready to cut out a slice for themselves.

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