Second Life: Skills Hak’s opinion

Second Life: Skills Hak’s opinion

Skills Hak InsilicoThe story involving Insilico, one of most famous sim of Second Life, has led many to wonder why Skills Hak, its creator, has been repeatedly banned from Linden Lab and what problems may have resulted in the virtual world.

Skills Hak: I am a curious cat

While about the specific causes there have never been (and probably never will be) official versions, Skills Hak admitted to be “a curious cat” and to have always enjoyed “breaking and improving things” making “hundreds of useful features that LL simply won’t give you because they could be abused”.

Some of her production as the CDS (Client Detection System), sold through Gemini Cybernetics, were created to “raising awareness and getting ignorant people off bad viewers” (which allowed the possibility of using copybot to steal contents created by others) and apparently worked, as the number of events related to the fraudulent use of copybot has fallen drastically compared to a few years ago.

Nonetheless the very first version of CDS was used by zFire Xue (aka Michael Prime) and other to develope Redzone, a protection system that infringe the privacy rights of Second Life users and which cost the same Prime four months in prison and the prohibition for the next two years working in activities related to the programming or the use of computers, let alone to participate in Second Life or other virtual communities or social networks.

A second life hanging in the balance

Skills Hak space discoSo how admits the same Skills Hak in a post, she wasn’t always completely “innocent”, she has been hovering between what was permitted and what might not be so for years and many of the things he was involved have generated controversial strong in the virtual world, while Linden Lab continued to turn a blind eye. “In fact, some of the stuff i did was pretty fucking bad so honestly Linden Lab is in their full right to remove me from the game”.

But if Skills Hak seems still think that Second Life “is an amazing thing”, she also thins that is “in the hands of the wrong company”. Second Life, Skills Hak note , “is dying and has been for a while, it’s a ghost town, TP around on the map and you will notice most of the groups of dots are traffic bots, unless there’s a shopping event. Most of the sims seem emtpy, great builds are being taken offline because the number of visitors are dropping to near zero, while LL still happily charges 300$ USD a month to keep a simulator online (which probably doesn’t cost them more than 50$ USD)”.

Skills has no hopes for Project Sansar

Not only: “I have no hopes for Sansar, it’s made by a company that doesn’t understand their own userbase” ends Skills Hak, “It will just be a new Patterns, VR buzzwords won’t be enough to give it much traction and my main pet peeve with it is it being closed source. Even Lindens commented to me that they are rather underwhelmed”.

Skills Hak lastPersonally I never met Skills Hak, nor can I judge her technical expertise, but I think her remarks are more than reasonablee and that the risk that Project Sansar proves to be a flop once the media hype around the VR will be weakened (which in short is likely to occur, since the VR itself will not be mass still for years, the data rates of the first devices) is real.

Hoping to be wrong, and that Linden Lab proves that he made the most of almost 13 years of management of a community of creative users and players more simple than it appears so far, I suggest you, if you wanna know how it will end, to follow, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on e su and also on Youtube). N.B.: the photos you see in the article are taken from the album of Skills Hak on Flickr.

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