Playstation VR, Sony opens pre-orders

Playstation VR, Sony opens pre-orders

Sony PlayStation VR launch bundleFollowing Oculus Rift and Valve even Sony enters the arena of virtual realityPlayStation VR visor will be available at retail outlets from October, with a suggested price of $ 399 (549 Canadian dollars). By that date the more than 230 developers working for months to adapt to virtual reality dozens of video game titles should make available at least 50 games, but the number of available titles will grow over time, if the VR mode will get the favor of the world public.

Waiting to see it in the shops, PlayStation VR an already be pre-ordered even in Europa through online retailers like Amazon UK  (with deliveries not only in Great Britain but also in other countries such as Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and Italy), although with a single copy per customer limit because of the limited number of copies initially available, at 349,99 pounds each. Since the initial stock sold out in a few hours is not guaranteed at the time the delivery date, although Amazon UK is committed to send an email a few days before shipment to alert you of the expected delivery date.

Sony PlayStation VR bundleFrom Tuesday, March 22, 2016 will finally be possible to pre-order directly to Sony launch an expanded bundle that includes in addition to the PlayStation VR viewer, the respective connection and power cables,  stereo headphones and a cd-demo for PlayStation VR (i.e. the core bundle) even the PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers and a cd PlayStation VR Worlds for 499,99 Us dollars (699,99 Canadian dollars).

The price lower than their rivals Oculus Rift and Valve and a worldwide audience of PlayStatoin 4 users which has already exceeded 36 million installed consoles (but throughout its lifecycle the PS4 should get to 100 million consoles sold) could give Sony the right push to win the challenge to grab the lion’s share of the rising market of virtual reality, Microsoft (which should start distributing in late March the first units of HoloLens Development Edition VR) allowing.

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