Minecraft mods, here is our top 20

Minecraft mods, here is our top 20

We already explained what are the Minecraft mods, now is time to try to establish a ranking of the 20 best mods for Minecraft, complete with a link for those who wish to download them, reminding you, however, that in many cases you must first have installed Minecraft Forge so that they work.

Minecraft mods, our top 20 (+1)

But let’s not waste any more time and we go straight to the top 20 of the Minecraft mods, starting from the twentieth until the first.

No Cubes Minecraft mods20. Are you tired of only having a world in cubes? Then try the No Cubes mod, you can find it here

19. If you love industrial landscapes, you can’t loose the Buildcraft mod, which you can find here

18. Maybe you prefer tropical landscapes? Then you should download the Tropicraft mod, from here

17. With all griefers that are out there, security is never enough. To be sure, download the Securitycraft mod from here

16. Herobrine is a legend a in Minecraft, what do you think about download the Herobrine mod so to know more abou? You can find it here

15. Do you love superheroes? Then the Superheroes mod is for you, download it from here

14. The oceans can be a challenging environment in Minecraft, especially if you’ll animate them with new mobs, new blocks, and more thanks to the Oceancraft mod, which you can download from here

13. Perhaps more of the oceans, you prefer space? Enjoy it in Minecraft version thanks to Galacticraft mod, downloading it from here

12. Pokemon fans, now you can have your favorites directly in Minecraft through the Pixelmon mod, which you can find here

11. Anyone of you loves Plant vs Zombies? Now you can play it even in Minecraft, just downloading the PlantsVsZombies mode from here

Walking Dead Minecraft mods10. If you like zombies, you just could not avoid to download Walking Dead mod, from here

9. If you are Whovian, you will love this mod that will bring Tardis, Daleks, Cybermen, but also the costumes and almost every aspect of the Tv series in Minecraft. The Dalek Mod is waiting you here

8. Did you like tv series Breaking Bad? Why don’t you try to recreate it in Minecraft thanks to namesake mod, which you can find here

7. Explosives in Minecraft there are not enough for liking of some. If you think so the  More Explosive mod is the one that‘s right for you, download it from here

6. For your raids in Minecraft may you need nuclear weapons, giant robots, Tesla towers? Then download the Rival Rebel mod from here

5. What about flying in Minecraft with your helicopter? Download the Helicopter mod and you will be able to do it, from here

4. How many times have you thought that I had too many items in your inventory? Try to solve the problem with TooManyItems mod, which you can find here

3. To furnish your home or you are a skilled builder or you might find very useful the Furniture Mod. You can download from here

2. Wanna make Minecraft more realistic? The Unbelievable Shader mod  allows you to have the shadows inside of your world (as well as leaves, grass and sea waves that move), you can find it here

OptifineHD Minecraft mods1. What a player want from any online gaming? That there is minimal lag and maximum playability.To play Minecraft in the best way to download the  Optifine HD mod from “optifine.net/downloads”.

Please note that Google put Optifine in its blacklist of suspected phishing sites which may contain malicius codes. So if you prefere, here is another fantastic mod for Minecraft,  Journeymap, that let you create maps of your world. You can find and download it from here.

Do you like our top 20 (+1) Minecraft mods, or do you think to know some better mods?

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