Improbable wants to attract game developers

Improbable wants to attract game developers

Improbable SpatialOS developer programImprobable, British startup which in March 2015 raised 20 million dollars from venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz to develop a platform (SpatialOS) that makes it possible to create virtual worlds on a large scale, returns to be talked about with the launch of the new Development Partner Program.

Give the option for developers to use Spatial is interesting, because only entering the platform and starting to use it each content creator can understand if the environment is a good resource for their game. SpatialOS it is not a virtual world, but an operating system that allows you to create online persistent massively games and in this sense it seems much more similar to Project Sansar rather than to the “oldSecond Life, in which the contents could only be created, modified and distributed within the same platform.

SpatialOS has instead given rise to a multitude of virtual worlds and video games of which the most famous is perhaps Worlds Adrift (you can see below a video trailer), developed by Bossa Studios (already famous for having created Surgeon Simulator), whose studio chief, Henrique Oilifiers, told to Gamasutra that the development of this product would not have been possible without the use of SpatialOS.

Improbable now leveraging this success invites developers using the Unity platform and with an “ambitious game design” to request access to Development Partner Program so to be able to try SpatialOS understanding the advantages. A strategy that maybe Linden Lab should learn to follow if it wants to avoid that Project Sansar remains a niche product, eve if profitable, as happened to Second Life.

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