Goldman Sachs shows virtual and augmented reality potential

Goldman Sachs shows virtual and augmented reality potential

We have seen already at Ces 2016: virtual reality and augmented reality even more seem to be poised to become a “mainstream” technology, so more and more manufacturers of hardware and software (and of contents) wanna climb on the bandwagon.

Goldman Sachs analyzes virtual reality

No wonder that after the first analysis from Digi-Capital and of which we have already talked about, even a merchant bank like Goldman Sachs, one among the most active in listing high-tech companies on Wall Street, has proposed a number of scenarios about the potential of augmented reality and virtual reality.

There are at least four graphs prepared by Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research analysts, led by Heather Bellini, to keep in mind. The first compares the sales growht of AR/VR tools with the one smartphones and tablets had concluding that probably AR/VR growht will be more gradual but when it reaches a turning point could prove to be a paradigm shift able to create a multi billions (in Us dollars) market, as it happened with the advent of the PCs. goldman sachs ar vr graph 1

Four graphs for three scenarios

A second graph shows three possible scenarios for 2025: in ten years with the “base case” hardware and software sales could reach 45 billion dollars with an average sales price (asp) between 350 and 400 dollars; in the accelerated uptake case sales would reach 110 billion dollars with an asp around 400 dollars; in the delayed uptake case they would reach just 15 billion dollars. In the graph below you can make a comparison with the expeted sales of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops and lcd televisions at the same date. goldman sachs ar vr graph 2

Possible development of sales

A third graph shows the sales breakdown in the base case in the various industries, always by 2025. As you can note the major part covers the video game industry, but also the the healthcare sector, the engineering, the live events and the video entertainment show interesting numbers. Less important, but attractive the same, projected sales for the real estate, for retail, military and education sectors. goldman sachs ar vr graph 3

How prices will go for virtual reality

Finally, fourth graph shows prices evolution recorded in the past for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops and televisions: according to analysts, even for 3D viewers and other AR/VR tools we will see a similar trend. goldman sachs ar vr graph 4The question of course is: Goldman Sachs estimates will prove correct? If you want to know how it goes, continue to follow, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on, on and on Youtube).

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