Oculus Rift won’t be mass market, for now

Oculus Rift won’t be mass market, for now

Oculus Rift pre ordersAs announced, Oculus Rift opened January 6, during Ces 2016 its pre-orders of the first consumer release of its 3D viewers, but at a price much higher than the expected 350-400 dollars: 599 dollars (although they include two games: Eve Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale), to which you risk having to add at least other 949 dollars to have a computer able to take full advantage of the 3D viewers, which moreover ideally should be used with touch controllers and ad hoc headphones.

Now: 1,548 dollars or more may seem like a relatively modest investment if you think that after 12 years Linden Lab can still draw $ 195 per month for those who rent an entire sim in Second Life (look at the pricing), which means, been eight months since been pay you a sim on the virtual world of the Californian company, you will begin to have spent more money than that to buy yourself 3D viewers and brand new computer.

second lifeBut high costs were one of the causes, if not the main reason of Second Life fiasco at least as mass product which it seemed to want to and be able to become the first years of life and that instead it never became, remaining a platform for a niche, albeit wide and rich, particularly creative of users around the world.

Thus, with these prices, is hard to believe that, at least for now, virtual reality promised in recent years by Palmer Luckey, who for his part he stressed that a year ago the price seemed destined to remain around 1,500 dollarsadmitting he shootthe price of 350 dollars in an interview just to make it clear that it would be lower than that figure, can become a mass phenomenon nor that Oculus Rift visors can become a commonly used device.

To reinforce this impression, that the day after the announcement has already caused the decline in stock prices of Facebook, Oculus Rift parent company, is the fact that contrary to the expectations Sony has not taken advantage of Ces 2016 to launch the preorders of its Playstation VR, whose launch is confirmed for nowin the first half of 2016” (meanwhile shipping of first Oculus Rift in the 20 initial launch countries including Italy has already been postponed from March to June).

playstation vrThis seems to indicate that the Japanese group wants to go with leaden feet and understand what, if any exist at the time the market for these devices, even if someone is already talk of a price of $ 800 (indiscretion immediately denied by the Japanese group).

The situation in the field of virtual reality seems therefore at a critical turning point: expectations have grown both by application developers and content providers and users, now companies will have to make decisions on which it depends how big the market will be and how large and vital will be the competition. If you want to see how it turns out, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it, on Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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