At Volandia Epiphany landing on drone

At Volandia Epiphany landing on drone

Volandia drone 2016Do you like drones? So for all rhe event is scheduled at Volandia, at the Museo del Volo of Somma Lombardo (Malpensa, MI), where January 6, 2016 Epiphany will land on an italian drone weighing 300 grams. At 14.00 italian time at the Drones Pavilion will be presented the only existing drone in Italy entirely self-made, from the chassis to the electronic components.

The creator of this little gem is the computer technician Gianluca Passarella, who was assisted by Gullp (Gruppo Utenti Linux Lonate Pozzolo) and by Volandia. Entirely handcrafted unlike the other four units so far recognized by the Enac (the authority that regulates all aviation activities in Italy), the quadricopter developed by footbridge lends itself to multiple uses thanks to the lightness and maneuverability, from the aerial to remote control.

drone weighting 300 grams Volandia 2016Like all drones that too must be at least 5 km away from the airports, it will not have to fly over crowds of people, parades or festivals. In Volandia will be possible, however, to try to fly it under the supervision of experts. And if you can not be present, you can also follow the live streaming on arranged by our friends Green Geeks for the site

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