Merry Christmas from MondiVirtuali

Merry Christmas from MondiVirtuali staff wan to whish you a Merry Christmas (and a Happy New Year) and to tell you that 2016 will bring a lot of news for fans of virtual worlds, computer graphics, virtual fashion, technology, games and whatever human mind will create to make more tangible virtual worlds that have so far lived more the world of dreams and ideas that the world of reality. This is because virtual worlds, dreams that we like and that we are sure appreciate you too are those that may materialize in the future or already are materializing.

Merr Christmas 2016 from SLIn order to always better to follow everything that revolves around the technologies that will make our dream more and more tangible and current, that will make it more enjoyable and interesting to live our lives, enabling us to exchange information, initiate activities, relax, cultivate our interests and passions, decided to join forces with Green Geek, an association of professionals who have been working in various fields of technology, selecting, testing and reviewing the latest technologies.

Internet, finance, e-learnig, home automation, nanotechnology, wireless internet are some of the issues that the community grew up around the association follows to spread the freedom of information, the free access to the network and the growth of digital culture and to offer services and training useful to those who use these instruments for leisure or work. For Green Geek, will manage the technology channel, integrating our content with a larger flow of news and insights, taken daily in the Tecnologia, mondi virtuali e soluzioni geek e nerdselection on Gplus and weekly in a newsletter which anyone can subscribe with just a click.

In this regard, we decided to make a little Christmas gift: send you our best and most sincere wishes with the number zero from 2016 will receive weekly newsletter in your email box without making any effort, thus being able to enjoy a selection of the most interesting news published on and on the web in technology and soon interesting commercial offers closely related to the issues covered by and Green Geek. If for any reason you want to stay informed on the latest news regarding virtual worlds, graphic art, virtual fashion, entertainment, new media and digital technology in general, just report it by sending an email to info (at) and we will immediately remove your name from the list of our contacts to send our free newsletter and offerings. In the meantime again best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you soon! staff

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