8i, the startup which develops 3D volumetric videos

8i, the startup which develops 3D volumetric videos

8i startup video 3DAnother step forward in the field of 3D movies for the virtual reality. 8i, New Zealander startup based in Wellington, had the revolutionary idea to change the perspective of the cameras: while those who have so far developed virtual reality 3D viewers followed the perspective of an observer, recreating everything that can stand around, 8i has focused the cameras on the same subject, succeeding in creating a volumetric virtual version able to interact with the environment created by digital 3D viewers.

8i startup video 3D bisIn other words, they were able to translate into reality one of the technological dreams present in Star Wars. Accordin to the founders of the New Zelander startup (started in 2014), Linc Gasking, already founder of Countingdown.com (then bought by DreamWorks), and Eugene d’Eon, previously in Weta Digital and in Nvidia, you will be guaranteed to those who wear a virtual reality devices acomplete freedom of movementand to give him the illusion to be in a virtual space in company with another person with whom you can create a connection on an emotional level.

Since the technology developed by 8i, which it has already collected $ 14.8 million from investors such as Advancit Capital, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Dolby Family Ventures, Founders Fund Science, Freelands, Horizons Ventures, Inevitable Ventures, RRE Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Signia Ventures Partners ande Sound Ventures, will be usable with main devices of virtual reality and augmented reality it is foreseeable that may be integrated into new video games, web services or to provide unique perspectives of shooting a concert or a play. See for yourself what it is in this video.

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