Ela Darling: virtual reality will change adult contents

Ela Darling: virtual reality will change adult contents

According to Ela Darling the potential for “adult contents” creators in terms of emotional growth and personal counseling has so far been overshadowed by the perceived poverty and immediacy of the content itself, but with the spread of virtual reality things are bound to change radically and for the better.

Ela Darling career

Ela Darling, who you can follow even on Twitter, in RL is a slender and attractive Texan blonde who turns 30 on July 23 next year, who already at 19 he started working first as a model when she was a sophomore in college (meanwhile she got a bachelor’s degree, or Bachelor in Psychology and Criminology at the University of Texas at Dallas and a Master in Library and Information Science), before becoming a performer in adult films.

This year with the developer James Ashfield she co-founded explicit contents site VRTube, that since last July 28 lets users watch performances for adults using 3D viewers to virtual reality. Ela Darling VRTube

A new way to enjoy adult content

A new way of anjoying such contents which, according to the Texan actress, thanks to VR technology will become a more and more intimate and kind as to lay bare not only the performers but also to turn the fantasies of the spectators.

After all more than thespicy” side often is the desire for companionship and intimacy to motivate human consumption of adult content, but to date this aspect has been underestimated.

VRTube offers tailored experiences

Ela Darling VRTube

While the classical “hot” sites offer content designed for the mass market, VRTube aims to offer tailored experiences on the desires, the needs of individual users and ended up also offer them the opportunity for real personal counseling sessions.

Darling, who started years ago to experience the interactivity of the web through adult shows on Skype, she said that most of his fans really just want to talk and I can easily believe that: the same thing happened to me when I played the role of avirtualescort” in Second Life.

VRTube, according to its cofounder, allows users to get this in a way that they feel is real and that therefore anything but alienating as many fear could be in the future virtual reality and services developed around it.

I’m still a little bit in awe today that people will take me into a private room for two hours, paying $6 to $10 a minute, to talk about comic books, their dogs, how shitty their bosses are” explained the actress in a recent interview on Inverse.

Pinazzo VR SecondLife

Adult content as a way of freedom

I can understand her (adding to the list the utterances of the frustrations that some feel in comparison to their partners, whose career is perhaps continuing better than their own) but it is certainly surprising to think that perhaps technology can transform the oldest profession in the world into something much towards and much more like therapy sessions.

Who knows that, in a world that seems to be afraid of technology and where extremist groups want to impose on women returning to a state of total submission and prohibit, also by bloody attacks, every freedom that is not conforming to the dictates of religious codes, the distribution of contents and services such as those that VRTube promises can not set up a way of freedom.

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