Paris burns, avoid any looting

Paris burns, avoid any looting

Paris burns, victim of a night of terror in which eight terrorists opened fire and dropping bombs in restaurants, theaters and close to the Stade de France where the same Francoise Hollande was attending the friendly match FranceGermany. The count the following morning is 128 dead (including 8 terrorists) and 192 injured (2 Italians, fortunately slightly) including eighty in serious condition.

The most serious act of violence took place in Bataclan, a theater in the eleventh arrondissement (the same where is the headquarters Charlie Ebdo, already the subject of an attack last January) where was playing the Californian group Eagles Of Death Metal, miraculously saved, unlike around seventy some 100 hostages initially captured by terrorists. Paris burns

Other attacks have hit a restaurant cambodian the tenth arrondissement, Les Halles and precisely the Stade de France. The response of the French government was immediate, it has closed the borders and declared a state of emergency indefinitely, which allows to suspend certain civil rights and give off a manhunt in the suburbs where it is suspected that the eight bombers may have found accomplices and bases.

We do not believe they serve sentences, hymns hatred or recriminations to comment on this very serious fact that it has already targeted a first target: to pick up again the tension in Europe and the expected return trip of Iranian President Hassan Rohani in Europe, whose first steps would be today in Rome and Paris on 16 and 17.

We notice reather a thing: virtual worlds millions of people have learned to live together, create together, enjoy together artistic works and talent of one another (like that of Helhis Sorensen, author of To all our friends around the world, merci that we wanted to use as the image of this article). The effort of all must be to be able toinfect” also the real world with this same ability to share and use a single common good.

After all we live on the same blue planet, we do not need divisions of race, sex, wealth, religion, language, ideology or nationality, we need the ability to enjoy all of the tangible and intangible resources that should be used to ensure a good life to anyone on the Earth. It is so difficoult to understand? So it seems.

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