Mangatar tries to change the rules of the game

Mangatar tries to change the rules of the game

Mangatar iconThe video game industry is in turmoil and could not be otherwise, now being close to the advent of the new virtual reality devices that just in videogame industry see one of their first and most promising market and since the mobile game and social games tend increasingly to merge and to be enriched with graphical possibilities is both narrative.

If the world is witnessing a resumption of the process of concentration, with Activision Blizzard (last year fifth in the worlwide sales ranking with a catalogue ranging from World of Warcraft to Call of Duty) wich just bought King Digital Entertainment (producer of the famous social game Candy Crush, tenth in last year’s sales ranking) for 5,9 billion dollars, in the attempt to overcome Microsoft, Sony an Electronic Arts and be able to connect to the second place behind the Chinese Tencent, between startups are pleased to note an Italian name, that of Salernitan Mangatar.

Mangatar MiraiThat of Mangatar is a story that was born in 2011 and turns into enterprise in March of the following year when the five founding members, Andrea Postiglione, Raffaele Gaito, Enrico Rossomando, Alfredo Postiglione and Michele Criscuolo decide to stop developing software for accountants and insurance, develop and bring online a generator avatar in manga style and launch a first social game, Mangatar Saga, which reached 60,000 active players worldwide.

In 2013 Mangatar grow further, with the launch of a second game, Dengen Chronicles, funded through dPixel (entering the Mangatar capital), combining the dynamics of the trading card game play online role-customizable, always in style manga. Here you get a glimpse of Dengen Chronicles.

What the future will bring to Mangatar? The Salerno startupper (who in the meantime have opened an office in Milan in addition to that of Salerno and started to develop a indie developers teams network for mid-core and casual games on mobile platforms and connected Tv, also thanks to the recent funding of 1.1 million euros obtained from Fi.R.A. and Invitalia) seem to want to become a gaming company in effect, promising the launch of a number of other titles (the goal is to get to launch a new game every six months).

We can only wish them to do it and suggest to continue to follow, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on, on and on Youtube).

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