10 Halloween pumpkins

10 Halloween pumpkins

zucche di halloweenAt Halloween pumpkins are not just pumpkins, but come to life thanks to the creativity of some artists to become spirits and characters in the fantasy world of fairy tales.

Halloween’s pumpkins remember Jack o’ Lantern

At Halloween pumpkins remember Jack o’ Lantern, according to legend, an Irish blacksmith stingy but cunning that one day met the devil at the pub and ended up selling his soul, but thanks to a series of tricks eventually achieved before another 10 years of life, then the promise that his soul would never go to hell.

Jack was refused from Paradise as well as Hell

zucche di halloweenOnce dead Jack, refused from Paradise because of the sins committed, was also left out of Hell in the cold and dark, with only the “comfort” of a firebrand of Hell that since then brings a turnip (in the American tradition became a pumpkin) with the ember in, like a lamp, looking just at Halloween, the night when the world of the dead and that of the living can come into contact, a refuge for his eternal rest.

Carved pumpkins serve as lanterns indicate that these houses are not the place where Jack can rest.

Wheter they are angry or happy faces, grotesque or kind, lit from within, or simply carved in low relief, Halloween pumpkins are becoming a true artistic expression among the most curious of all those related to virtual worlds and fantastic.

Llook at the gallery of Mondivirtuali.it if you don’t believe us!


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