Fabfree in SL is not closing

Fabfree in SL is not closing

Cherlindea LamontFabolously Free in SL, or Fabfree in SL, the blog but even in world group and Flickr group created by Cherlindrea Lamont in September 2007 then managed by Renee Lowenhart from September 2008, by Love Trill from December 2012 and by Prudence Rexroth, is NOT closing its doors at the end of October 2015, after living a long and successful season in Second Life and on the web pointing out the bestfreebies” (or avatar clothes and items for which the price was less than 75 linden dollars) that you could find in the virtual world of Linden Lab.

Renee LowenhartAfter that Prudence Rexroth announced the closing, due to other commitments in real life, Love Trill and the “Fabfree team” (Prudence, Love and Julianna Seriman) changed idea and announced that Fabfree is not closing the blog, which in these eight years registered over 12 million pageviews, but give up the in world headquarters and the management of the list of designers that rolling sending gifts to the group of Fabfree. Even the Fabfree group on Flickr remains open and will be managed by Julianna.

But why FabFree had threatened to close its doors? It was the same Pru to explain in comments to the post (stressing “FabFree will be no more”: maybe Pru is a fan of Doctor Who?) with which she had initially announced the farewell: “FabFree is closing because it requires such a tremendous amount of work and dedication that I am unable to give it, even with a team of wonderful and supportive people” and since “such a huge undertaking could not be handed over lightly nor would it be easy to find someone who could truly be dedicated and devoted to running Fab Free on a volunteer basis” Pru thought it was better “be remembered fondly and end on a good note, rather than have it slowly decline or become something completely different”.

Love TrillDecision but later revised that brought back to mind that of Bettina Tizzy, whom some years ago preferred to stop posting on Npirl – Not possibile in RL, probably the best blog dedicated to the production of artistic content in the metaverse because of the commitments RL Bettina but I leave everything that had been published online.

We shall see, therefore, how goes on, always on a voluntary basis, the management of Fabfree: those interested in the news of virtual worlds and virtual fashion, art or digital, only has to continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it on Paper.li and on Youtube).

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