Half Life 3 confirmed, again

Half Life 3 confirmed, again

half life 3Whether it is more common to find on the web news related to killer asteroids en route to Earth or confirmations of the next release of Half Life 3 it is hard to say, but both meme are so frequent since so far unreliable. If the last killer asteroid which is discussed on the web is 1862Apollo, a space stone with a diameter of 1.7 kilometers that regularly crosses Earth’s orbit as refer our friends of Fanwave, in the case of Half Life 3 this time it would have taken an indirectconfirmation thanks to the discovery of a text file placed in Dota 2 called, “curiously” hl3.txt.

To announce it was first Stream Database which on Twitter explained that “Valve just accidentally pushed a file named hl3.txt to Dota 2 Reborn that seems to be pretty damn interestingadding that “these files strongly hint at an RPG with quests and procedural spawning. Also includes ziplines, because why not. Crowbar ziplines anyone?”. HL3

If you don’t know Half Life is a franchisee developed by Valve (videogames producer he had also hired the former minister greek economy Yanis Varoufakis like consultant) whose first chapter was launched on 16 November 1998 and the second on Nov. 16, 2004. The first chapter was followed by three expansions (one in 1999 and two in 2001), the second chapter by another two (in 2006 and 2007). The game itself is a shooter focused on the characters of the scientist Gordon Freeman, grappling with an unexpected reaction to an experiment.

Rumors about a possible Half Life 3 (HL3) started at least from 2010, when theoretically would have come out the next chapter, but Valve chosen to release, in 2011, Duke Nukem Forever, in its turn a long-awaited, and despite regularly Valve has confirmed its intention to release the third and final chapter, years are passing and we have seen only a few traces of HL3.

HL3 bisThe half-life3.com domain was registered in 1999, in 2006 was announced the arrival of the game in December and mentioned a possible Half Life 4, in 2007 was confirmed that Gordon Freeman would remain the main character, between 2007 and 2008 were also released some images (“concept art”), in 2012 begins to spread the word that Valve was developing a graphics engine in view of HL3, in 2013 the meme “Half Life 3 confirmedstarts to come to life, thanks to the fact that Valve advanced the request for registration of the trade markHalf-Life 3to the Eu authorities and since then is released periodically. Now it will be the right time?

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