Mont St. Michel leaves Second Life

Mont St. Michel leaves Second Life

Mt Saint Michel SLMont St. Michel leaves Second Life: if until a few years ago it was possible to choose between two different virtual reproductions of famous location, the one created by the France builder YadNi Monde, the other by the Japanese Moeka Kohime, as Mondivirtuali alreaty told you, in these days Linden Lab’s platform users will have to say goodbye to Mont St. Michel definitively.

A few years ago without fanfare had already gone offline Mont St. Michel 3D, by YadNi Monde (who at the end of June 2015 closed, after 11 years on SL, even YadNi’s Junkyard, one of the most famous “freebies shop”, id a virtual shop where Second Life newbies could find free contents), now is the time of Moeka Kohime’s land.

Mont St. Michel SL interiorsFrom September 30, 2015, land should go offline, although it is possible that for a few days or weeks still remains open, as it has happened to other land including Italian sim MIC-Im@ginarium. Also in this case, as for virtually all cases of sim who have abandoned Second Life even though they were known and appreciated enough to be inserted from the same Linden Lab in the “destination guide” of the official site of Second Life, the reason is primarily economic.

To keep online a land on the virtual world requires every month some hundred euro of fees, ie a multiple of the annual cost of a normal 2D website, which it does not make sense if the land is not part of a larger project supported by a private company or a public institution.

Mont St. Michel SL beautySomething will have to change in the next virtual world that the Californian company is developing, for now known as Project Sansar, and it was the same Linden Lab Ceo, Ebbe Altberg, to repeat it several times this year anticipating the possibility of switching to a different business model, where revenues of Linden Lab are more related to dealing charges (at times of peak the internal economy of Second Life had exceeded 500 million US dollars in annual revenue) and less to the rental of space andvirtual land”.

Mont St. Michel SL interiorsFor now, however, it is unlikely that Mt. Saint Michel can be saved, less than a direct intervention of Linden Lab as happened on rare occasions in the past (for instance for Svarga). Who knows, however, if it does not reappear on some other grid, as already happened to the YadNi Monde’s Mont St. Michel, on InWorldz since 2011.

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