Virtual reality seems so real!

Virtual reality seems so real!

Virtual reality recreated by 3D visors like those of Oculus Rift is definetly much more “immersive” and realistic than was ever going to be virtual worlds like Second Life, Imvu or Utherverse.

virtual reality reactions

First reactions to virtual reality experiences

You have just to see the reaction of someone who has tried it, sitting comfortably on his/her chair wearing 3D visors, a ride on a roller coaster.

On the web you can find many videos of this kind, with people of all ages and gender. We show you two different from each other as individuals, but  very similar as reaction.

Fear, awe, wonder: who wears 3D visors for the duration of his/her experience really feels that suspension of disbelief” which only for brief moments a novel, a movie or a traditionalvirtual world can give us.

It is a Copernican revolution that in the coming years will have an effect in many sectors, with the ever increasing spread of virtual reality 3D content, although some worry that the excessive spread of these technologies may end up making us all slaves.

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